The Fab Four from Prague have returned home with a brand-new single. After a few years since their last release on their very first single on Bncexpress, Furious Freaks have unveiled two tracks that showcase their significant musical growth since their debut. The single features the VIP version of ‘Bacon Punch,’ originally released on BNC…



    Houbass and Volume Plus have once again demonstrated their collaborative prowess, coming together to deliver precisely what their audience anticipates. They’ve produced an exceptional track, infused with dynamic rolling drums and lively synths, crafted from the very essence of the crowd’s experience. When an adept producer like Houbass collaborates with Czech Republic’s most renowned DJ,…



    Demonstrating his evolution over the past decade, Balladub Ep presents a noticeable departure from Promenade’s earlier ragga jump-up roots. Embracing a liquid drum and bass sound, Promenade seamlessly combines the acoustic redemption of reggae with the captivating rolling vibes of DnB. Gone are the wobble basslines, replaced by the warm embrace of distorted acoustic bass,…



    Shapes is the first release for Albees on BNCexpress. The tune combines the smooth, laid-back rhythms of reggae with the fast, high-energy beats of jump up drum and bass. The “skank” guitar rhythm together with the energetic and bouncy sound create a unique and exciting atmosphere perfect for the summer festival season!



    “Ballads” is the name Promenade has chosen for his acoustic and orchestral dnb music collections published on BNCexpress, his own label. A concept he has putted on hold in 2019 and which he decided to resume in a more extreme version, more recently. Ballads #3 is going to be characterized by some fusion and soul…

  • Xyde | Anachronistic

    Xyde | Anachronistic

    Xyde returns on BNCexpress with a new release called Anachronistic, a truly powerful tune.Anachronistic is a deep and funk track, with a dark mood remembering the genre’s early days. With his new realese on BNCexpress Xyde delivers the perfect combination of rolling drums, dirty synths, gritty bassline and an hypnotic melody. About Xyde: Grown up…

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