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BNCacademy goes on Patreon

Music is a cultural exchange and the more I study it, the more I convince myself of this.
I think in this way when I produce my music as well as when I teach it.

I believe that Bnc academy has always been an opportunity to grow together, by sharing my knowledge with you and trying to transfer it online, is a natural development of this philosophy.
I have teamed up with Giona, aka Betterfly (one of my most valid ex-students) to find the best way to produce the content, that will follow this here poem I am writing.
I do not have the presumption, to present this as a full music theory and electronic music production course, but, thanks to this you will learn the basic grammar that will allow you to express yourselves more clearly.

All this to prove that music is a language.

I hear some of you say: ” Oh, but I just do it all by ear” I do it too! Even if I am always studying music theory, I rely on my instinct and I constantly experiment with sound.
Coming to terms with some basic theory simply puts you in the position to speed up your workflow, by making fewer mistakes in the creative process.
From musical intervals to scales, from the creation of more complex chords to mixing and mastering, according to today’s music production standards.
And … Do not forget that music is not made of rules but conditions, that we learn to manage thanks to the music theory.

BNC Academy is a 3-months course where you will find interactive lessons with slides containing video tutorials and audio files.
With the BNC Lab option, you will gain access to monthly sample packs of the scales, which not only include Audio, but also MIDI files, so that you can replace or layer sounds and chords as you wish, unlike on other platforms, where you are limited to chords or scales in audio-only.
In addition to all this, with the BNC Lab subscription, you can send us your demos for feedback.
We use LogicPro, but everything can be done with any other DAW(Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Cubase, etc…)”
Francesco Oliveto a.k.a Dj Promenade

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