BNC Express


BNC191 is OUT NOW! Nothing to Fear – Ncomfortable

First single of 2022 for Ncomfortable, one of the most eclectic artist of the label.Nothing To Fear is an intelligent deep tune with a strong call to the past characterized by an arpeggio that gives a nod to the 80ies.Il flip side, Inner Horizon, is an hypnotic tune, and it[…]

BNC190 is OUT NOW! Landscape Anatomy – Promenade

Promenade’s new album, called “Landscape Anatomy”, is awash with melancholia. Each track is an attempt to transform music into a functional form of sadness: when party people are detained, and are far from their ‘sound system heaven’, all that energy eventually rises from the depths of consciousness. In this loneliness[…]

BNC188 is OUT NOW! REMIND – Control Change

New liquid funk single for the Control Change duo. Remind and Feel Good both stick to the genre standards: the use of acoustic musical instruments, catchy melodic lines and vocals are mixed together creating a unique smooth and melancholic sound which is pushed far by truly energetic drums.

BNC187 is OUT NOW! Delivery X – Annual Compilation

The last one for this crazy 2021 is our annual compilation. It contains 16 tunes and it represents the ultimate goal of the label: pushing the d’n’b full spectrum as far as possible. “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato. New year, new start. Goodbye 2021