Xyde | Anachronistic

BNC Express

Xyde | Anachronistic

Xyde returns on BNCexpress with a new release called Anachronistic, a truly powerful tune.
Anachronistic is a deep and funk track, with a dark mood remembering the genre’s early days.

With his new realese on BNCexpress Xyde delivers the perfect combination of rolling drums, dirty synths, gritty bassline and an hypnotic melody.

About Xyde:

Grown up in the Puglia region, in Italy, he spent 17 years playing guitar in a crossover/metal band. More recently he shifted his focus towards electronic music and developed a royalty free samples project for which he produced some hybrid/orchestral tunes.

Since his very first release on BNCexpress back in May 2022, it took really no time for Xyde’s music to make waves around the world: within few months he already got quite a number of amazing releases on different labels, which can rely on the support of prominent figures on the international scene.

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