Promenade – Higher | Gate 23

BNC Express

Promenade – Higher | Gate 23

This new release from Promenade is the signle announicing Ballads, his acoustic and orchestral dnb music collections planned to be released in June 2023.

Both Gate 23 and Higher give you a glimpse of how emotional and plenty of inspiration the album is going to be.

About Promenade:

Promenade is the founder and owner of BNCexpress, a record label that initially set out to create the first drum and bass label in Italy, with a focus on nurturing up-and-coming artists.

Over the course of more than 10 years, significant changes have occurred.

Promenade has relocated from Milan to Prague, and the label has taken on a more international scope.

In addition to his role as a label owner, Promenade is a highly productive producer.

However, his passion extends beyond the studio.

With almost two decades of experience behind the decks, he is also an adept and skilled DJ. Furthermore, he has a strong affinity for performing live.

Currently, Promenade is actively working on his very first live set, which will feature one hour of original music taken from Ballads.

This set will be performed using a sampler and a synthesizer, showcasing his artistic and technical abilities.

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