BNCexpress 200 is out now!

BNC Express

BNCexpress new release 200

BNCexpress 200 is out now!

Promenade, Frame, NcoMfortable, Xyde (together with paCMan) and Sali have marked the 200th release of BNCexpress.

An enjoyable EP containing 5 tunes which are expressions of five different sounds and, at the same time, grab the listener’s attention with imposing kick drums, melodic breakdowns, ethereal atmospheres and well cutten samples.

In operation since 2011 BNCexpress has overseen releases from many different artists and each one of them has contributed in giving the project a fresh sound and a diverse outlook towards making music.

The 200th release is a true milestone for the label, it’s the culmination of all the hard work Promenade and his team have put into developing BNCexpress over the years.

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