BNC142 Is Out Now! DnB Life Research

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BNC142 Is Out Now! DnB Life Research

Various Artists – DNB Life Research (BNC142)

DNB Life Research is the name of our Intergalactic Mission, here at the BNC Express Space Station Headquarters: We’ve been traveling across Galaxies with our spaceship for almost a decade, in search of life signals from every Planet we’ve crossed on our journey.

2018 is coming to an end and with this annual report we celebrate another productive year of Drum’n’Bass research in Outer Space: from Neuro to Liquid Funk, steppin’ through to Electro and Breaks, we spread the Love for every sub-genre without any cultural limitation.

In this compilation, we are showcasing tunes released in 2018 by certified artists such as Akrom, Phlex, Hanzo, Animal Defection and MC SHOT, some of the names that are bringing the Italian Drum’n’Bass scene to a higher level, gaining important recognition from International realities.

Then, we introduce our young pupils Mindset DNB and Distune, talented new Neurofunk producers from the Netherlands, while HOUBASS and Furious Freaks show their incredible potential representing the New School scene in Prague, alongside the amazing voice of Lifesize MCMC from UK.

Then German duo Dub Flavour and Jayruff who catch us offguard with a deep melancholic love song. And finally, at the end of the journey, our local heroes Control Change, Dj Delroy – Diablo Recordings and Dj Promenade BNC give us a taste of their pure Liquid Funk sound.

So, enjoy the best of 2018 in this compilation: thank you for supporting BNC Express and please help us keep the Drum’n’Bass life research alive in the present and…see you in the future!

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