BNC137 is Out Now! FREAKS & FRIENDS – Furious Freaks

“Freaks and Friends” is the third release by Furious Freaks on BNCexpress.
The 7 tunes album contains many collaborations and is a “spotlight” on the Czech Drum and Bass scene:
Houbass from Prague’s Drumbassterds crew , Michal Turek & Fanda Honig (vocals & harmony for Story), Mc Lifesize (lyrics for Mosquito), No Cure (Polar), Magenta & Brejchus (Na Stage) and Maart (Icebird).
Everybody knows the Czech Republic has become a “Drum and Bass Mecca” in recent years, with an impressive number of events taking place every week in the major cities.
This album confirms that there is a new generation of producers ready to export the “Czech D’n’B attitude” all over the world.


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