BNC Express


BNC195 is OUT NOW! Control Change – Club Mates #4

Control Change come back to BNCexpress with the forth episode of Club Mates album series. Club Mates #4 is a liquid funk album, enlivened by sweet melodies where brass arrangements are used with analog synths, to deliver a smooth and happy concoction of sounds. The album contains 9 tunes with[…]

BNC194 is OUT NOW! Pe:Te – Remember

PeTe has been represented by the Let it Roll Agency for over 10 years and now lands on the BNCexpress planet with a beautiful, emotional tune. ‘Remember’ was born after a lengthy gestation: it has taken him almost two years to finish the project and delivering us the tune, so[…]

BNC192 is OUT NOW! Superball – Xyde

Superball is the debut release by Xyde.Grown up in the Puglia region, in Italy, he spent 17 years playing guitar in a crossover/metal band. More recently he shifted his focus towards electronic music and developed a royalty free samples project for which he produced some hybrid/orchestral tunes.He approached dnb through[…]

BNC191 is OUT NOW! Nothing to Fear – Ncomfortable

First single of 2022 for Ncomfortable, one of the most eclectic artist of the label.Nothing To Fear is an intelligent deep tune with a strong call to the past characterized by an arpeggio that gives a nod to the 80ies.Il flip side, Inner Horizon, is an hypnotic tune, and it[…]

BNC190 is OUT NOW! Landscape Anatomy – Promenade

Promenade’s new album, called “Landscape Anatomy”, is awash with melancholia. Each track is an attempt to transform music into a functional form of sadness: when party people are detained, and are far from their ‘sound system heaven’, all that energy eventually rises from the depths of consciousness. In this loneliness[…]