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Let us explain you why BNCacademy’s Electronic Music Course is what you need to attend.

The internet is filled with new tools that promise to assist you in creating incredible music, and they truly deliver. However, in order to effectively utilize these amazing new AI technologies, there are two things you need to know:

  • what you are seeking.
  • how to speak the language of music.

Through our Electronic Music Course, we have developed a unique and efficient method to grasp the fundamentals of music, from theory to the final mastering session.

Upon completion of the course, you will possess the skills to work with any digital audio workstation (DAW) and shape your own sound by selecting the appropriate technologies that align with your requirements. It’s important to note that AI cannot replace creativity; rather, it can serve as a catalyst when used to enhance and boost creative processes.

We are currently experiencing an extraordinary period for electronic music: the AI revolution enables anyone, regardless of their budget, to engage with music and achieve exceptional results. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our vision with the younger generation and provide them with the tools to unlock their musical creativity.

Course Overview:

  1. Sounds & Notes / Major and Minor Scales:
    • Understand the fundamentals of sound and notes.
    • Dive into major and minor scales to create captivating melodies.
  2. Scale Degrees & Intervals:
    • Explore the concept of scale degrees and their significance.
    • Learn about intervals and how they shape your compositions.
  3. Triads & Chord Inversions:
    • Discover the power of triads and chord inversions in creating harmonic progressions.
    • Master the techniques to construct and invert chords for rich musicality.
  4. Make a Drum / Make a Sub:
    • Learn the techniques to craft compelling drum patterns.
    • Dive into sub-bass creation to add depth and energy to your tracks.
  5. Rhythmic Accents & Syncopation:
    • Understand the importance of rhythmic accents and their impact on groove.
    • Explore syncopation and counter-time techniques to create dynamic rhythms.
  6. How to Calculate Sharp & Flat Alteration:
    • Gain proficiency in calculating sharp and flat alterations for musical compositions.
    • Learn how these alterations influence the overall tonality of your tracks.
  7. Near and Far Keys & Circle of Fifths:
    • Explore the concept of near and far keys and their role in musical composition.
    • Master the Circle of Fifths for creating harmonic relationships and progressions.
  8. Vital Basic Synths:
    • Dive into essential synthesizers used in electronic music production.
    • Learn to create and manipulate sounds to achieve desired sonic textures.
  9. All Chords are Beautiful:
    • Understand the emotional impact of chord progressions.
    • Explore various chord voicings and progressions to create captivating harmonies.
  10. Pentatonic Scales:
    • Discover the versatility and melodic potential of pentatonic scales.
    • Learn how to use them effectively in your compositions.
  11. 2nd – 5th – 1st Resolution:
    • Explore resolution techniques to create satisfying musical transitions.
    • Learn how to effectively resolve tension and create musical cohesion.
  12. Just All About Blues:
    • Immerse yourself in the world of blues music.
    • Learn the characteristics, techniques, and structure of this influential genre.
  13. Dynamic Processor:
    • Harness the power of dynamic processors in music production.
    • Explore techniques such as compression, limiting, and expansion to control dynamics and add punch to your tracks.
  14. Basic Effects:
    • Discover essential audio effects used in electronic music production.
    • Learn how to apply effects creatively to shape your sounds.
  15. Diminished Chords Modulation:
    • Understand the expressive potential of diminished chords.
    • Explore modulation techniques to create tension and interest in your music.
  16. Orchestral Composing:
    • Learn the principles of orchestral composition and arrangement.
    • Discover how to create lush and captivating electronic orchestral pieces.
  17. Modal Scales & Minor Scales:
    • Explore the enchanting world of modal scales.
    • Understand the versatility and emotional qualities of minor scales.
  18. Mix & Master:
    • Gain essential mixing and mastering techniques to give your tracks a professional polish.
    • Learn how to balance and enhance different elements of your music for a cohesive final product.
BNC in Prague

Join BNCacademy and embark on a transformative journey where you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge to produce outstanding electronic music. Whether you prefer online learning via video lessons, on Patreon, or in-person classes in Prague, our course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

You can even buy our course in the e-book format HERE.