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BNC Express



Sali guides you through the jungle, the only way for you to get home safe. This Czech producer has that unique skill you can identify in the last generation of dnb producers: they feel free to mix neurofunk, deep and even athmospheric jungle without any restriction, demonstrating once again that[…]


BNCexpress was born in Italy and, even if the label is now based in Prague, it is still a reference for the upcoming Italian producers. KZ is not a new name to the label, which has seen enormous growth in his skills. This new single is truly passionate and original:[…]

BNC182 is OUT NOW! BACK TO ME – Control Change

Drum and bass doesn’t conform to a standard stereotype of sound and BNCexpress tries really hard to emphasize this statement pushing the whole spectrum of the genre. Maybe Control Change represents the commercial soul of the label but the duo looks not worried at all to be labeled like that.[…]

BNC181 is OUT NOW! WHALES – Furious Freaks

Furious Freaks goes really deep with their new release on BNCexpress. Both tracks bring you in a post-modern science-fiction mood: are you able to listen to the didgeridoo or to the whale sound while stuck in the traffic jam? BNCexpress · Furious Freaks feat Moongose – Whales – Digeridoo ([…]

BNC180 is OUT NOW! DECADE – 10 years of BNCexpress

BNCexpress celebrates its 10th anniversary with Decade, a collection of new material by many of the label’s producers, whose music has been released on BNC over the past 10 years. The label, founded in 2011 by prolific producer Promenade, became the birthplace, incubator and launch pad for many upcoming Italian[…]


Dope Party is Promenade’s last album. It’s an uplifting work that embraces the change and explains his perspective on what you can just summarize as dnb groove. From so many different elements it’s quite an achievement to create something you can describe both coherent and individual. BNCexpress · Promenade –[…]

BNC177 is out NOW! Dope Party – PROMENADE

Dope Party is the name of Promenade’s new album planned to be released in April 2021. This is the single giving the name to the album and the second sampler announcing it. BNCexpress · Promenade – Dope Party ( Clip )

BNC176 is OUT NOW! Merked | POINT 4

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Point 4 is a household name in the South African dnb community. Merked is the name of his first single on the BNCexpress label, which expands his influence well beyond the African Continent. BNCexpress · Point 4 – Merked ( Clip )

BNC174 is out NOW! Can’t you see – PROMENADE

Dope Party is the name of Promenade’s new album planned to be released in April 2021. Can’t You See is the single announcing it. The prolific producer this time has decided to put aside the liquid atmosphere to deliver a darker and more aggressive vibe. BNCexpress · Promenade – Can't[…]

BNC171 is out NOW! Babylon Cuts – NCOMFORTABLE

After almost 6 years of silence, BNC is really proud to present Babylon Cuts, the brand new album from NcoMfortable, one of the most talented artists the label has had the honour to work with. Listening to”Babylon Cuts” it’s like watching a film where a Mexican jungle tribe fights against[…]