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  • Xyde | Anachronistic

    Xyde | Anachronistic

    Xyde returns on BNCexpress with a new release called Anachronistic, a truly powerful tune.Anachronistic is a deep and funk track, with a dark mood remembering the genre’s early days. With his new realese on BNCexpress Xyde delivers the perfect combination of rolling drums, dirty synths, gritty bassline and an hypnotic melody. About Xyde: Grown up…

  • Promenade – Higher | Gate 23

    Promenade – Higher | Gate 23

    This new release from Promenade is the signle announicing Ballads, his acoustic and orchestral dnb music collections planned to be released in June 2023. Both Gate 23 and Higher give you a glimpse of how emotional and plenty of inspiration the album is going to be. About Promenade: Promenade is the founder and owner of…

  • Pe:te – Hiding

    Pe:te – Hiding

    New drum and bass release on BNCepxress by renowned Czech producer Pe:Te. “Hiding” is a captivating and emotionally charged track, featuring a soulful female vocal hook, enchanting melodies, and an irresistible groove. Immerse yourself in this mesmerizing liquid funk masterpiece that will transcend boundaries, elevate your soul, expand your consciousness, and ignite your innermost passions….

  • BNCexpress 200 is out now!

    BNCexpress 200 is out now!

    Promenade, Frame, NcoMfortable, Xyde (together with paCMan) and Sali have marked the 200th release of BNCexpress. An enjoyable EP containing 5 tunes which are expressions of five different sounds and, at the same time, grab the listener’s attention with imposing kick drums, melodic breakdowns, ethereal atmospheres and well cutten samples. In operation since 2011 BNCexpress…

  • Delivery  11 – BNC’s annual compilation

    Delivery 11 – BNC’s annual compilation

    release date 2022-12-19 Cat n° BNC2022 The time has come for BNC’s annual compilation.During 2022 the label has managed to carry on its plan: to continue supporting the work done by the label’s already established artists, which has been so successful in previous years, and find more new talented producers.

  • Promenade – Landscape Anatomy 2

    Promenade – Landscape Anatomy 2

    When Promenade released the first episode of Landscape Anatomy, we could identify the composition’s common thread in the rarefied atmosphere made by the fog horn sound.Now, for Landscape Anatomy 2 Promenade delivers an evolution of his previous work: right after the fog, there was a storm.The call to the ’80s and ’90s sound is undeniable,…

  • Promenade – Milky Way (XYDE rmx)

    Promenade – Milky Way (XYDE rmx)

    Milky Way – remix is the tune announcing the upcoming album from Promenade, called “Landscape Anatomy part 2”.The sampler is a remix by Xyde, of a tune taken from Promenade’s previous album, Landscape Anatomy part1.Xyde made a great job, identifying himself completely with the idea, leading Promenade to his new upcoming work: this remix is…

  • Salix – Walking and Rolling

    Salix – Walking and Rolling

    New drum and bass banger from the talented producer SALIX: welcome on BNCexpress Salix has built up many years’ experience as guitarist: a versatile artist, in his path he has ranged from funk to reggae.He discovered the drum and bass sound in 2017 and he has been producing since 2018.To this day, he got some…

  • BNC195 is OUT NOW! Control Change – Club Mates #4

    BNC195 is OUT NOW! Control Change – Club Mates #4

    Control Change come back to BNCexpress with the forth episode of Club Mates album series. Club Mates #4 is a liquid funk album, enlivened by sweet melodies where brass arrangements are used with analog synths, to deliver a smooth and happy concoction of sounds. The album contains 9 tunes with a neat structure, absolutely dj…

  • BNC194 is OUT NOW! Pe:Te – Remember

    BNC194 is OUT NOW! Pe:Te – Remember

    PeTe has been represented by the Let it Roll Agency for over 10 years and now lands on the BNCexpress planet with a beautiful, emotional tune. ‘Remember’ was born after a lengthy gestation: it has taken him almost two years to finish the project and delivering us the tune, so that we could release it….