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Landscape Anatomy. Album bt Promenade

Promenade – Landscape Anatomy 2

When Promenade released the first episode of Landscape Anatomy, we could identify the composition’s common thread in the rarefied atmosphere made by the fog horn sound.Now, for Landscape Anatomy 2 Promenade delivers an evolution of his previous work: right after the fog, there was a storm.The call to the ’80s[…]

milky way xyde

Promenade – Milky Way (XYDE rmx)

Milky Way – remix is the tune announcing the upcoming album from Promenade, called “Landscape Anatomy part 2”.The sampler is a remix by Xyde, of a tune taken from Promenade’s previous album, Landscape Anatomy part1.Xyde made a great job, identifying himself completely with the idea, leading Promenade to his new[…]