Month: March 2020

  • BNCexpress Delivery Remix Contest

    BNCexpress Delivery Remix Contest

    As promised yesterday, from this afternoon and for the next seven days, you can download the “System Down” stems and produce your remix! In this crazy time we are living we think music has such a healing power for those who make it and all those who benefit from it. Let’s do it! Please feel…

  • BNC161 IS OUT NOW! FOLLOW ME | Promenade

    BNC161 IS OUT NOW! FOLLOW ME | Promenade

    Right after publishing his first album “Ballads” back in May 2019, Promenade has started working on a new project. Ballads 2 will be released on May 2020 and “Follow me” is the second sampler announcing it. This single is a “deep mix” of the original version which is going to be released together with the…