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BNC Express


BNCexpress Delivery Session: some freebie for the quarantine

Two new freebie for you guys. This time is from our mate Delroy and the Control Change duo. Since both these artists were artistically born in Milan we took this opportunity to show some love once again to the junglist in Milan, the city where BNC was born, the city[…]

BNCexpress Delivery Remix Contest

As promised yesterday, from this afternoon and for the next seven days, you can download the “System Down” stems and produce your remix! In this crazy time we are living we think music has such a healing power for those who make it and all those who benefit from it.[…]

BNC161 IS OUT NOW! FOLLOW ME | Promenade

Right after publishing his first album “Ballads” back in May 2019, Promenade has started working on a new project. Ballads 2 will be released on May 2020 and “Follow me” is the second sampler announcing it. This single is a “deep mix” of the original version which is going to[…]

BNC157 is OUT NOW! Drum and Bass Life Research #2

2019 is coming to an end and with this annual report we celebrate another productive year of Drum’n’Bass research in Outer Space: from Liquid Funk to Neuro, steppin’ through to Electro and Breaks, we spread the Love for every sub-genre without any cultural limitation. # Track Title Time 01. Atmosis[…]

BNC155 is Out Now! BCN | Promenade

We are proud to announce the first sampler from Ballads 2, the second LP by Promenade, to be released in 2020. This tune is a combination of jazz-funk and orchestral sounds, ready for the dancefloor with its deep sub and strong rhythm section. The new album promises to confirm its[…]

BNC154 is Out Now! Blood Summer Blues | Delroy

Dj Delroy steps once again on the sampling gas for his first BNCexpress release of the year. Summer 2019 has been exceptionally hot and eventful. The end of the year doesn’t bode well for humankind, so let’s keep the Summer vibe rolling right through into the Winter.

BNC152 is Out Now! Various Artists | Southern Compilation vol 2

BNCexpress is dropping another exciting compilation in order to celebrate the Southern Festival second edition. The 3 days event takes place in Taranto (South of Italy) and is born to switch a light on the environment crisis that the area is facing. From neurofunk to jump up, form liquid to[…]

BNC150 is Out Now! Houbass | 4 Reasons 2 Die remixes

It’s been a year since HOUBASS’ last release on BNCexpress. That Ep has now been remixed by Houbass himself and some other producers representing the Prague scene. Dj Promenade BNC, Furious Freaks and R-Flyer have given a new lease of life to was already one of the most dynamic releases[…]