BNC Express


We’re happy to introduce the schedule for our BNCacademy 2020. Confident of our approach to teaching music production, we have decided to include a DJing course. New DJing technology has made it easier for so many people to get closer to this activity and made life easier for those who think of buying decks and mixer. However, technology is but a small part of what DJing is about, of course music is the main element, no matter what school of thought you decide to follow.
That’s why we have thought of incorporating musical theory with the technical side of DJing, to enable future DJs to have a better understanding and usage of the musical language. The only language so powerful, you can learn even when keeping your eyes shut. Therefore we will not only explain how to use Rekordbox, but how to understand the way the software works and why it performs certain tasks. This journey will change the way you listen to music and the way you play it. We cannot promise you’ll be able to conquer the world. nor that you’ll be able to make a living out of music. What we can promise you is that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself much more than you already can by looking at a DJ on a stage. Rekordbox Pioneer is the chosen platform, since it’s now become the world standard for DJing.

The duration of the course is 2 months, for a total of 16 hours of theory lessons in Vlkova and hands-on practise at the Storm Club. The schedule can be arranged at the moment of joining the course, which will start in January, for a closed number of students. Therefore we invite you to contact us at this email well in advance, so to make sure a place is available for you.

Starting from January 2020, BNCacademy returns with the courses of Electronic Music Production (Logic Pro , Ableton Live and FL Studio).
We offer you 8 hours a month for 6 months in Advanced Music Production.
In addition, you can book 2 hour sessions per week, to help you finalise your own music production: we shall work on your composition, forming the arrangement and guiding you through the mixing process, ready for mastering.

Before joining the BNCacademy, a personal interview will help us choose a specific course and decide how the lessons could be tailored to your needs.