BNCexpress Academy | Prague | Coming Soon

BNC Express

BNCexpress Academy | Prague | Coming Soon

BNC Academy: the electronic music production school run by BNC Express!

BNC Academy is born out of the necessity to spread knowledge about Drum and Bass music production and underground music culture.

Music market has radically changed over the past few years, and nowadays the visibility of a DJ depends mainly on the music he/she produces. On the other hand, today’s technology gives us the chance to achieve high quality results within the realms of a small home-studio, and without the need of expensive outboard gear or professional post-production studios. Music is a language, and luckily nowadays everybody can express himself in the digital era! So, this is exactly what we want to teach: to express emotions, despite the different personal professional levels and needs.

BNC Academy is based in Prague, one of the liveliest European cities, as far as the contemporary music industry is concerned. The complete course lasts six months and is made of weekly lessons of two hours each, based on the usage of the main DAWs such as Live, Logic, Fruity Loops, etc… touching the basics of musical theory and leading to a streamlined approach to arranging music. All of this is also geared towards the field of ghost production and sound sculpture, making it easier to understand the client’s needs. In facts, lessons will focus on the subjects of sound design and sampling, using some of the best known software synthesizers like Massive, Serum, Operator, Es2 and many others. Music composition will be discussed and practiced on a bi-monthly basis, with the aid of a tutor and encouraging the collaboration between course colleagues.

This is to prove what we believe: that music is about cultural exchange and we strongly highlight in the importance of a learning process based on the exchange of opinions, ideas and personal points of view. Classes shall be made of a maximum of three students, to give us a better chance to succeed in what we try to achieve with this teaching method.

The last two months of the course will focus on the finalization of music products: basic mixing and mastering shall be explained and implemented, in order to make the productions “sound”, according to the music industry quality standards. Before joining the Academy, a personal interview will help us to decide how the lessons could be tailored to your needs.


Philip TBC  | Houbass | Promenade + Guest Professors (TBA)

Full Program

  • DAW Introduction: introduction to Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and Fruity Loops, because the first important step to make in order to produce music faster is to get to know the DAW of choice. 
  • Music Theory: basic knowledge of musical theory makes it possible to speed up the creative process. If music is a language, using its grammar correctly makes the communication of a musical message much clearer. During the course, DJs will join and teach in several lessons of musical theory: this ear training process is extremely useful when combined with the newer technologies available, like Record Box, mixing in key, key sync, etc… Recognizing tonality and the color of a scale will bring to a quicker and more precise music production process.
  • Synthesis: getting to know sound synthesis techniques is fundamental to be able to personalize your compositions, giving you a characteristic sound that becomes recognizable as your personal style. This goal will be reached just by learning to use properly the soft synths included in all the DAWs (ES-2, Analog, Operator…) plus Massive and Serum, two instruments that have revolutionized today’s digitally produced music sound.
  • Composing: we firmly believe that music is the result of a cultural process, born out of the exchange of ideas and that’s what we aim to do in the time dedicated to this subject: we will compose music together. To do this, our classes are open to a maximum of three students, because we believe it’ s a good number to create a prolific collaboration together and to dedicate the right amount of attentions to everyone. 
  • Mixing and Mastering: getting to know the ins and outs of your DAW, employing the correct mixing and mastering techniques, will allow you to obtain commercial standards, even from the realms of a humble home-studio. The services provided by a professional mastering studio, that can count on the sound given by high-end hardware, are often used by professionals who work for important labels and already know how a master should sound like. They also know that if a master is good, at least 70% of the merit goes out to the good mixing of a track. In these lessons you will be guided in this ear-training process, which won’t end with the last lesson in the course, but shall go on in the “real world”. We will point you in the right direction, helping you to recognize what you have to take special care of, when mixing or mastering a track.
Of course, we do not pretend to teach music production in six months, but we know that we can give you a solid base and show you how to study throughout your musical journey: always trying to get better in any style you’re trying to produce.


3 levels (2 months each), 2 lectures per week, 2 hours per lesson.

Level 1: Music Theory (8 hrs), DAWs (4 hrs), Synthesis (4 hrs)

Level 2: Music Theory Part 2 (4 hrs), Composing (4 hrs), Synthesis Part 2 (8 hrs)

Level 3: Composing Part 2 (4 hrs), Mix & Mastering (12 hrs)

Lessons will take place in the BNC Express headquarters, that are located in Vlkova 366/21, Zizkov, Prague 3.


Full course: 15000 CKZ

One level: 5000 CKZ


Before joining the Academy, a personal interview with you will help us choose a specific course and decide how the lessons could be tailored to your needs.



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