BNC113 IS OUT NOW! Furious Freaks – SONAR CAVE EP

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BNC113 IS OUT NOW! Furious Freaks – SONAR CAVE EP

Furious Freaks is an upcoming dnb czech project. the 5 crew members are all involved in the creative process and the final result is an incredibly versatile sound going from liquid funk to the deeper side of the genre. “Sonar Cave” is their third Ep and it is a really interesting work. The opening track is “Sonar Cave” and it sounds like a warning: don’t skip, every element is meant to change all the time, and the distorted bassline is made to drive you to another place. The second tune is called ‘Glass Drops’: a halftime beat is the scenario of an hypnotic game of questions and answers. ‘Floating Elements’ is the third tune of the EP: smooth and sophisticated, the name of the tune explains well what the listeners can expect from it. “Echo Island” closes the Ep in the best possible way: this tune could be the Furious Freak’s audio business card: it sounds original, fresh and full of different elements working together as one.

A – Sonar cave

B – Glass Drop

C – Floating Element

D – Echo Island.

Release Date

February 6, 2017

Catalogue No: BNC113

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