BNC107 is OUT NOW! “Mi Amor Ep” Ncomfortable

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BNC107 is OUT NOW! “Mi Amor Ep” Ncomfortable

Don’t let Mi Amor ” standardized ” intro fool you ,this tune and this ep is much more than that ! The title track is a great example of liquid funk with a strong jungle influence especially on the drums. A jazzy piano melody lead the tune over an hypnotic bassline and everything is well glued together by the vocal samples. Hosbn Cliff is the ep’s most experimental tune : ethereal atmospheres, crazy arpeggios and some impressive drumwork clearly display the producer’s love for other genres. Rounding up the ep are Mi Amor’s Crimson and Control Change remixes. Crimson’s remix is a techy monster that uses the original’s vocal and piano melodies to push the tune forward into the future with some top notch production. Last but not least Control Change delivers a liquid roller that showcases all the class of this Italian duo, making the ep a great choice for every dnb lover.

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