BNCexpress -> Meet the dj! Sister F in tha mix



BNCexpress -> Meet the dj! Sister F in tha mix

Sister F was born in Athens (Greece). In 2006 she went to Italy where she started attending d’n’b parties. Short time later she bought her turnatables and she started collecting vinyls. In 2011 she moved to Milano and she started playing all over the country. She has shared the console together with international artists such as: Andy C, Aphrodite, Friction, Gridlok, Jade, Mindscape, Inside info, Audio, Roni Size, London Electricity, Tantrum desire, Emperor, Kasra, Logistics, Reso, Denial,Atomik tags, Hallucinator, Jazzatron, Bonnot & General Levy and Numa crew. Her dj sets are strictly on vinyl but she has made an exception to join the BNCexpress ship.

She has selected her favourite BNC’s releases from BNC088 to BNC100 and she’s mixed them for a 45min of pure energy!

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