BNC101 is OUT NOW! “Reload Ep” by Crimson

BNC Express

BNC101 is OUT NOW! “Reload Ep” by Crimson

One of the most prolific producers of our label – Crimson – is back with BNC.
The EP Reload contains four VIP versions from Crimson’s BNC catalogue.Four neurofunk tracks which express the producer’s true essence.
Sonic Pressure is characterized by an hypnotic and cyclic theme together with a dark sound and a funk vibe. The Law of the Jungle is the most aggressive track where the melodic line is in a continuous battle with the hard-hitting drums. Dirty Dub is a deep tune, DJ-friendly and ideal for a long mix. The original version of Dune Buggy is one of his very first tracks at BNCexpress. Now, Crimson uplifted it to a really heavy-jamming VIP.



“Crimson you badman, the Hard drum lines of the first 2 tracks are intense then rolls out into the final 2 one of the best releases i have heard so far this year” Henry (Sub-Urban)

“dirty dub has something really special!!” Rohan (DJ Mag España)

“I like this because it’s not the neuro sound that is dominating right now. Something a little different, and I
appreciate it a lot.” Louis (

“Big bad and heavy. Wow, this is a big EP. Loving it. Will do a review.” Ray (Pocket Mag)

“Heavy-duty visions from the darkside of the universe…. big up!” DJ NIGHTSTALKER

“Brilliant!” Roxie (Voice FM)

“Rough sounds as I like them! THANKS!” Feindsoul (Breakism DrumnBass)

“all great tunes” Damian B (Friedmylittlebrain)

“Some great tracks here, great Neuro Emoticon smile Thanks.” Catharsis (Lifestyle Music UK)

“badboy release, never heard of crimson so makes it even better haha proper drums” Josh (Kane fm)

“Sonic Pressure keeps his promisses, heavy density on the drums while the bass is rumbling deeply, The atmosphere remains clear and hypnotic wich makes this track a delight to mix.
The Law Of The Jungle has a strong density more grindy and digital.
The bass on Dirty Dub and Dune Buggy holds the structure of the tracks with strength and flex, there’s
something smoother and introspective wich is interesting. Crimson shows style and skills all along the EP. Big sound” Dj Volta (Rinse France)

“Heavy stuff.” The Sound Advice Crew

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